Our Executives Get More


So you’ve heard it all before – every promise from every other brokerage telling you they do this and do that, but two weeks after you join everything disappears. All the support, all the marketing, all the coaching, all the leads, everything. Suddenly you’re all alone, paying for a desk and giving up a huge part of your commission for nothing more than a logo. That Is Not How We Work!

At The Trembley Group, not only do we deliver on our promises – WE EXCEED THEM!

There are 10 really good reasons to launch or rebuild your career at The Trembley Group.


Our real estate executives don’t pay for E&O, Franchise Fees, Royalty Fees, their signs, photographers,  transaction coordinator, or marketing staff. Executives with The Trembley Group get to keep MORE of their money, because we invest our own money in their success!


Our real estate executives & brokers are backed by a team including a very accessible leadership management team, support staff, and priority vendors. Executives with The Trembley Group simply have more time to focus on their one thing….selling.  Plus, with that additional time, they enjoy a balanced life with their friends and family.


Our real estate sales executives’ success means our success, and not the other way around. So when it comes to branding them and building their careers, we spare no expense. Our marketing department creates custom postcards, flyers, landing pages, social media campaigns, and websites….just to name a few.


Our real estate sales executives are provided with complimentary top of the line tools. We want to make it as easy and efficient as possible for them to capture new leads, get referral leads, and convert both into actual business. Some of the ways we do this are by providing a top of the line lead capture site, a CRM software, automated e-marketing tools, and access to our dialers.


Our real estate sales executives aren’t part of some auxiliary business model aimed at selling product. We don’t charge for training. We don’t push our books, dvd’s, softwares, and ideas, for the sole purpose of making money off of it’s sale. Our coaching comes from experts, is offered in one on one and group settings, and occurs on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis.  The best part is this coaching never costs our sales executives anything! If there is a product or service that we believe is worthwhile, we buy it and then teach them about it.


We don’t know everything, and we’re not the oldest in the industry, but our leadership management team’s 27 years of diverse experience, is something that is unique to The Trembley Group. What’s even more innovative is the access our executives are afforded to experience. Everything we know is at their disposal, and we are only an email or phone away with any questions they may have!


If a real estate sales executive is at the office writing offers, scheduling showings, and sifting through paperwork, then they aren’t generating as much business as they could be. We value our Realtors’ time as if it were worth $1,000 per hour – so we handle most all of the tedious day to day tasks and allow our sales executives to focus on generating business!


Please don’t misunderstand us, we are not knocking our peers….but the automated tools, document processing, and assistance our sales executives receive gives a very professional appearance. Imagine after every showing is scheduled a confirmation email is automatically sent out, or after an offer is received an acknowledgement is automatically sent, or after a round of counters a personal phone call from our office is made. All of these little things AND MORE are the differences which will make a Trembley Group real estate sales executive appear more professional than the agent next to them.


Quite frankly, an abundance of leads in the absence of using really good follow-up systems, won’t result in many closings.  That’s why real estate sales executives at The Trembley Group not only receive higher quality leads, but we teach them how to use systematic communication and relationship building scripts to convert more leads into a sustainable, predictable, revenue-producing business.


There aren’t many people who want to wake up everyday and go to a job they don’t like, to make just enough money to pay their bills, and live paycheck to paycheck.  Real estate sales executives at The Trembley Group love what they do…and enjoy their working environment.  It’s a unique culture that breeds productivity and encourages everyone to have more fun!  From milestone celebrations to teamwork and collaboration, you’l love almost every minute with our group of talented leaders.

We’ve created a company where you can focus on selling and leave the rest for your expert staff to handle – the end result? At The Trembley Group, you can and will do MORE business!

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