Success Stories

Nancy-Paige Robinson
Director of Marketing
I met Scott and Jeremy at a career event and instantly connected with them.  I was seeking an opportunity to serve in an executive assistant role for a real estate office.  I wanted to work with a leadership team deeply committed to always giving their best.  These guys are so passionate about real estate and are faithful to their mission, values, and beliefs. I couldn't ask for better leaders to guide me.  Oh...and we really do have fun at The Trembley Group!
Chuck Everham
Client Care Specialist
I decided to join The Trembley Group Real Estate firm because of the amazing mentors and the incredible team. Everyone works together to improve from their failures and in turn reach their ultimate goals in the real estate industry. I also love how passionate and upbeat our office is. We have an amazing environment which empowers you to push through the impossible even in your greatest doubts.
Sharon Carroll
When I first started in real estate in 2011, I was hired by Jeremy Jenks as an onsite agent for a local builder. Jeremy was one of the best mentors I have ever had in my life. He was my greatest cheerleader and always knew how to keep me positive and was an integral part of my success. No matter where I was working, Jeremy was still someone I knew I could turn to for great advice. We always knew one day we would find our way back to working together. So when Jeremy told me he and Scott Trembley were starting a new real estate company, I knew this was a company I wanted to be a part of. But, this wasn’t just Jeremy’s decision. I had to meet with Scott Trembley, to make sure he and I would be a great fit. Well, within five minutes of meeting Scott, I couldn’t believe that he had the same positive attitude and encouragement that Jeremy has. He believes in helping people with building their dreams, whether it is a real estate career, purchasing their perfect home or selling their home to move to the next stage life. As I sat in Scott’s office, all I kept thinking is “how can there be two people like this, and how was I lucky enough to have the opportunity to be in business with them?” I am so excited to be a part of The Trembley Group and look forward to helping people with their real estate dreams and being a part of this innovative real estate company.
Marc Zucconi
I am a firm believer if you are going to do something, do it right. Same goes for joining a company; I don’t want to join just any company. But I want to join the BEST in the industry, and to me, that is why I chose The Trembley Group. The leaders that we have here at The Trembley Group supersede those in any other real estate company. They give you the tools and knowledge that you need to be successful in this industry, along with the proper training to tie everything together.

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