Why Should You Join The Trembley Group?


Our office is not a franchise operation. Scott Trembley and Jeremy Jenks own, manage, and run the operations themselves. Why is this better for you? Being privately owned gives us the flexibility to set our own rules, implement new ideas in hours not weeks, and we can guarantee the quality of our services because there is no disconnect between ownership, management, and your support team! Since we don’t answer to investors who cut expenses to increase their profits while putting their agents’ success at risk, we can implement whatever our sales executives need to do more business.


We pay for almost every system, tool, and expense to invest in your success! This includes websites, leads, signs and lockboxes, and access to marketing and administrative specialists.  We support your business in every way, so that you earn more net income!


Training implies that at some point the support will end, so at The Trembley Group we prefer to call it Coaching. Whether you’re a top producer or just getting started, our coaching will help you reach the next level of success in your career. We have daily script practice, mentoring, and role play opportunities with our leadership management team.  We offer weekly coaching sessions led by Scott Trembley and Jeremy Jenks, as well as monthly seminars on specific topics YOU ask for.  What really sets us apart from other real estate firms is the fact that you can ask for help with anything real estate related – and we are available to assist.


At The Trembley Group, we combined the best practices for online and offline marketing strategies to generate more leads and maximum exposure for your listings.  From innovative postcard mailings to effective social media strategies and 7th level open houses, we are always one step ahead of our competition.


Stay Focused One Thing (1)Our unique lead generation and marketing systems are just the beginning of your redefined real estate career. Real estate sales executives who join our company fall in love with everything we do for them. You see, at The Trembley Group, you’re responsible for one thing: selling!  The rest we handle. That means most all of your paperwork, transaction coordination, dealing with other agents and vendors, scheduling, photography, listing marketing, and much more….we handle for you. Your responsibility is solely to make contacts, shake hands, kiss babies, and let us know what you need to connect more buyers and sellers together to close more deals.  If you truly understand what we are saying, you will know that this means you can immediately do 10x more business than you could handle previously!


We’ve taken the traditional brokerage model and flipped it on it’s head, because our real estate sales executives are valued and appreciated!  We’re not GLORIFIED LANDLORDS who are just renting a desk and waiting for a check. We are actively involved in making sure that our sales executives are successful in their endeavors. This means that you will have access to administrative and marketing specialists to assist in preparing your contracts, take photos of your listings, schedule your showings and assist with follow-ups, monitor your transactions in escrow, and prepare cutting-edge marketing material.  Plus, you have unlimited access to a leadership management team who will assist in any way that is needed! We will not let you fail!

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